Community Energy

Check out our pioneering approach that is attracting positive national attention.

Systems Thinking

Increased resilience requires a holistic appreciation of complex environmental, social and economic systems.

Natural Capital

Our natural resources can play a vital role in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Renewable Energy

Generate energy for your community or business with our assistance.

Our Community Energy Projects

Resilient Energy Great Dunkilns

This was our first project and the UK’s first crowd funded renewable energy project.

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Resilient Energy Mounteneys and Cherry Rock

These two turbines in Kingswood, Stroud were consented in summer 2015. Following a successful Share Offer by Resilient Energy Mounteneys Renewables, the projects were installed in March 2017.

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Resilient Energy Severndale

Planning permission was granted by the forest of dean district council in August 2015. We hope to launch a share offer for this project in 2016 via a community benefit society.

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Resilient Energy Alvington Court

This project is now a fully-fledged community benefit society and construction of this project was completed in the autumn of 2015. The turbine is now operating in line with expectations and exporting to the grid.


What makes us different

The Resilient Energy model

We work in partnership with landowners to deliver investable Community Scale projects designed to help meet (rather than exceed) local energy demand, whilst also making a positive difference to the quality of life and resilience of the communities in which they are based. Read more

Meanlingful Benefits

Once the energy project is operational 4% of the gross revenues (not profit!) are donated to the host community via a Community Fund. This typically equates to on average £15,000 - £20,000 per year for a single 500kW wind turbine over its 25 year operation. Read more

Crowd Funding

All of our Resilient Energy projects are crowd funded by people like you. When a Resilient Energy share offer is launched, it is open to individuals, businesses, pensions, charities, trusts and most other organisations. Read more

Community Scale

We only take forward projects at a scale that is appropriate for the local community and in locations where the impacts are minimised.
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Working in Partnership

Our approach removes barriers for Landowners and Communities looking to develop a renewable energy projects. It has significant benefits in terms of reducing up front "at risk" costs to a minimum in exchange for an equity stake in the project. Read more

The Benefits

* Low risk, low cost partnership approach.
* Meaningful local economic benefits.
* Community Investors receive 7-9% return on their investment.
* The Community Fund receives 4% of the gross revenues.
* Up to 80% of project returns are kept within the local community.


The innovative partnership approach, as pioneered by The Resilience Centre, was endorsed by think tank ResPublica and the Energy Minister Rt. Hon Greg Barker in a recent Green paper.

The subsequent Government Community Energy Strategy confirms support for considerable growth in the Community Energy Sector and emphasises a specific need for community focussed partnerships.  


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If you are a land owner, business or community interested in establishing a Resilient Energy partnership with The Resilience Centre, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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